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New channel to offer your services and acquire new customers.

Trusted network operator helping in project acquisition and management.

Increase visibility and sales of your products and services in different channels.

Less need for coordination, saving time from both you and the customer.

Stories from our partners

Through Agile Work’s holistic solution we can focus on our core know-how and concentrate on those things we are good at. Collaborating with Agile Work enables us to participate in very different and interesting projects.

Antti Rouhunkoski

Poiat Design & Products

We have collaborated with Agile Work on the most unusual, challenging and interesting sights. The planning and project management of Agile Work is efficient and questions traditional ways of working. This makes our own work interesting and rewarding.

Agile Work’s people are fun to work with, they have an excellent drive for doing things  and their good mood is very contagious.

Matti Nevanlinna


Agile Work is an innovative, modern and flexible company. We share a common vision of the future of workplace design and new work. We have the same desire to renew the principles of how workplace planning and design services are acquired and delivered. With our 3D focused visualisations even complicated solutions are easy to understand for the customer. We deliver also all technical drawings required for the implementation. Working with Agile Work has offered our company great opportunities and lead to a solid collaboration in an active and inspiring team.

Ida Broms

Capture Design

I offer Agile Work photo shooting and video production services. Through Agile Work my services have been sold across Europe and I have been able to do interesting projects with different experts.

George Atanassov

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