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Huggy news from Esmi, March 2017

Agile Work has reached the age of a two-year-old toddler and the speed is sometimes quite frantic. We have learned a lot about the needs of our customers, our competitors, about service business and the challenges we are facing. Our can-do mentality, saying yes to... read more

Introducing Esmi Santamäki

I am Esa-Mikko Santamäki, Esmi among friends. Only my mother, when she is angry at me, calls me Esa-Mikko. I am the co-founder and CEO of Agile Work as well as its ecstatic leader and lead producer in our projects. My background is in the IDBM programme (international... read more

Introducing Kristina Noor-Ilander

I am the newest enforcement to Agile Work’s team. I started as the company’s Development Director in January. My responsibilities, among others, are developing our partner network and service platform, communications and marketing. Fortunately, in a small company you... read more

Introducing Antti Pitkänen

I am one of Agile Work’s founding partners and responsible for developing our research and define phase services. My background is in strategic design, leading international design projects and businesses, which has affected my choice in becoming an entrepreneur. I... read more

Agile Work at MWC17

Agile Work will be at the MWC17 in Barcelona on the 27th & 28th of February.   During the show we are looking for: > New technologies that support organisations in communicating, collaborating  and in creating new immersive employee & customer... read more

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