Ovenia’s new headquarters



Ovenia asked Agile Work to define and plan its new headquarters. Ovenia had five offices in the capital area of Helsinki, which each had a slightly different work culture. The offices were unpractical, dark, divided into silos and did not support the requirements of different job tasks. The aim of the project was to create a united Ovenia.


A decision was made to invest in changing the work culture, which meant committed collaboration and co-creation from the employee side. In the definition phase space utilisation, commuting, and accessibility was analysed and observations were carried out. Videos and newsletters were used to communicate about the project. Based on the results of the definition phase a spatial concept and programme was created for Ovenia. Appropriate properties were searched for. The actual transformation was implemented in the summer of 2015. Ovenia moved into the new premises in September 2015. The workplace transformation was realised as a combination office, where most of the employees have designated work stations in the team spaces with  support and retreat spaces located nearby. The office is also transformable into a multipurpose space with minor changes and office space can also be decreased if needed.


Year: 2015

Size: 220 employees, 2100 m2 across three floors

Main investment: new ergonomic and space efficient workstation furniture for everybody



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