Defining functions & office building extension for a scattered R&D unit based on new brand identity


Vacon requested Agile Work to create a new kind of work environment to support its scattered R&D unit and team. The office would be extended with a new building, where special use spaces and work spaces would be added to respond to the growing number of employees. The challenge was to define the need, location, number and function for different types of spaces. In the beginning there was no design guideline to be followed, the brand identity of the company was renewed during the transformation project.


Agile Work used co-creational workshops and interviews to engage the employees in the planning process. The use of the office and different spaces was observed and a user experience map was drawn. Based on the results of the planning phase a spatial concept and plan was created. With the help of 3D images it was easier for all the stakeholders from different teams to discuss placements of different spaces and functions. Next, Agile Work planned the interior design, wrote the task lists for contracting and calculated the production budget of the project. Construction of the new office building extension started at the end of 2015.


Year: 2015-

Employees: 50-90

Extent: 2 floors, 2500 m2, labs and offices

Ravintola  Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 22.29.53