Agile Work at Slush from 11th-12th of November 2015

We are:

Agile work is a workplace production company, expert in workplace transformation. We offer a range of products and services to support our customers at each step of the transformation process. We work with a network of specialised partners, offering tailored solutions to our clients needs. Our references include; Appcampus, Health Innovation Village for Ge, Global Design Factory Network among many others.

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We believe:

The market is currently filled with great workplace products and services that would help your business thrive, cut costs and increase employee wellbeing. Despite this many times the transformation projects are started without  the right people, right contacts, clear understanding of the process or even realistic budgets.

On a mission to create

worlds first online marketplace

for workplace products and services.


We are on a mission to create the leading marketplace for workplace transformation products and professional services. We are developing a platform to compare, market, buy, sell and manage  all workplace transformation projects conveniently through one web based service. We aim to connect the service providers with the service recipients through one easy point of access and one service provision contract.

We are looking for:

We are currently expanding our partner network, looking for new investors to support our development initiatives and customers who are  looking to benefit from workplace transformation.


For our partners we offer a brand new platform to sell workplace products and services, as well as an opportunity to join a community of change makers.


For our clients  we offer a one-stop-shop for all workplace transformation products and professional services.


We offer a great investment opportunity and possibility to rethink and disrupt the workplace development industry.


Agile Work at Slush from 11th-12th of November 2015

We will be attending Slush 2015 event, and would love to meet with you!

We’ll be at Slush Design Networking –event organized by Design Forum Finland.

Wednesday 11th of Nov. 15:45 -17:00



Let’s meet up! 


Antti Pitkänen 

Insights and Strategy Director



Esa Santamäki 

+358 50542 7740